Christmas Eve Service Checklist

For many churches, Christmas Eve is a mixed blessing. On one hand, it’s an exciting time with lots of guests. On the other, it can be very stressful with so many things to plan. There are a number of details that you have to remember. We’ve learned with these kinds of things to make a list of what we learn each year so that we aren’t starting from scratch every Christmas.

Christmas Eve Checklist

So here’s a Christmas Eve Service Checklist we use at Redemption Gateway.


  1. Design and print outdoor banner with service times (3-4 weeks out)
  2. Design and print Invite cards (3 weeks out)
  3. Design and send Facebook Invitations (2 weeks out)
  4. Special e-mail invitation (1-2 weeks out)


  1. Trees — lobby and stage (4 weeks out)
  2. Other decorations, signage and Christmas “flair” (4 weeks out)
  3. Other stage decor (poinsettias, fixtures, etc.) (2 weeks out)

Guest Services

  1. Buy and prepare “Happy Birthday Jesus” cake
  2. Crayons & coloring sheets for kids
  3. Giveaway toy for kids
  4. Staffing — make sure all regular jobs are accounted for (sign setup, ushers, bulletin “stuffers,” etc)
  5. Communicate any special instructions regarding when to open / close doors


  1. Food / refreshments for staff and volunteers
  2. Assign someone to close up building
  3. Proactively manage temperature if services are at different-than-normal times


What would you add to the list?

Published by Luke Simmons

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