This Will Make You a Better Preacher

Preachers should always be working to improve their craft, and I’m recommending a resource that will help you improve preaching.

In this video, Justin Anderson gives a bunch of nuts and bolts that will make you a better preacher or public speaker. Justin was formerly a fellow pastor with me in Arizona and is now planting Redemption San Francisco. He has a great team there and they recently began weekly services.

Using the acronym J.O.E.L.O.S.T.E.E.N., Justin unpacks a number of practical things that make up good preaching. It’s funny and helpful.

It’s also worth the time. Justin says that “sermons shouldn’t be measured in minutes, but in minutes beyond interest” — for me, there were zero minutes beyond interest.

I was particularly helped by the things he says about gestures, body positioning, and his analogy of preaching as driving a manual transmission. For more complete notes, check out my friend Josh Reich’s post about this talk.

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Luke Simmons

I was born and raised in Denver, CO and lived there through high school. Then I moved to Champaign, IL where I attended the University of Illinois and played on the Fighting Illini baseball team. I was married in December, 2001 to Molly, who I met at the U of I. In June of 2002, we moved to Phoenix and have been here ever since. In July of 2006, we welcomed a baby girl, Abby, into our family.

2 thoughts on “This Will Make You a Better Preacher”

    1. Anybody who is doing public speaking, sales or lots of communication. Not sure how much it would help an engineer. Would love to hear what you think about that question.

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