Toolbox: Church Service Evaluation Form

Last weekend I took our five Pastoral Residents on a church tour where we visited six different worship services. While our goal wasn’t to be negatively critical, I wanted the guys to pay attention to what they were experiencing.Church Service Evaluation Form

Through an experience like that you begin to notice a lot of little things. This is good, especially for pastors-in-training who will be responsible for creating the environments and systems that make a weekend service run smoothly.

To help them, I put together a Church Service Evaluation Form with a bunch of questions that explicitly identify things I intuitively notice when I go to a new church. These are the kinds of questions that church leaders should be paying attention to and building systems to answer.


1. How easy was the location to find?
2. How is the curb appeal of the facility?
3. How was the parking?


1. How was the exterior signage?
2. How was the interior signage?


1. How were you greeted prior to the service?
2. How was the appearance of the greeters?
3. How many people greeted you who were not “official” greeters or staff?
4. Were there refreshments? If so, how were they?
5. Was there a “welcome/info center” for guests? If so, how was it?
6. How comfortable did you feel prior to the service?


1. How clear was the signage to kids ministry?
2. How was the appearance of the kids environment? (clean, fun, safe, etc.)
3. How simple was the check-in system?
4. How secure did the kids ministry seem?
5. When you arrived, was there a teacher present in an organized environment?
6. Did a teacher introduce him/herself to you?
7. How was the child welcomed?
8. How were the take-home materials?
9. Did your child have fun?


1. How easy was it to find the restroom?
2. How did the restroom smell?
3. How was the appearance of the restroom?


1. How was the appearance of the auditorium?
2. How visible and effective were the screens?
3. How was the flow of the service order?
4. How was the length of the service?
5. How was the lighting for the auditorium and stage?
6. How clearly communicated were the next steps for guests?
7. Was anything about the service confusing?


1. How well did the leader lead?
2. Was the sound mix balanced?
3. How were the transitions between songs?
4. How good was the musical presentation?
5. How sing-able were the songs?
6. How did the songs fit within the service focus?
7. How engaged did people seem with the music?


1. How likeable was the preacher?
2. How clear was the sermon?
3. How well did the illustrations help with the preacher’s main point?
3. How biblically accurate was the sermon? (i.e. preacher faithful to author’s meaning)
4. Was humor used appropriately and effectively?
5. How was the preacher’s body language?
6. How much would you want to bring a non-Christian to hear this sermon?
7. How much did the preacher have the material mastered?
8. Did the preacher clearly communicate the gospel?


1. How effective was the printed bulletin?
2. How were the other brochures and print information (about ministries, initiatives, etc)?
3. How clearly did you understand the church’s vision or focus?
4. How effectively were graphics and media used?


1. What was the best part of this church experience? Why?
2. What was the worst part of this church experience? Why?
3. What is one thing that this church could do to significantly improve the experience?


1. Would you want to come back to this church?
2. Would you recommend this church to a non-Christian friend?

Feel free to download this printable Church Service Evaluation Form. Even better, recruit or hire somebody to come be a “secret shopper” at your church using this form. It would be wonderful (and scary) to see what you’d learn.

Which question is your favorite from this list?
What is another question you’d add to the list?


Published by Luke Simmons

I was born and raised in Denver, CO and lived there through high school. Then I moved to Champaign, IL where I attended the University of Illinois and played on the Fighting Illini baseball team. I was married in December, 2001 to Molly, who I met at the U of I. In June of 2002, we moved to Phoenix and have been here ever since.

3 thoughts on “Toolbox: Church Service Evaluation Form

  1. My favorite questions are the first 2 under Best and Worst. After lots of specific questions you give the evaluator an opportunity to just generally state the most positive and negative take-aways from that church service. We have a newly formed worship evaluation team meeting tonight to develop our own evaluation form. Thanks for providing yours that we’ll use to guide us.

  2. My boss (i work part time in sales) is visiting us this week and i will ask him to fill out this form after he visits our church service. thank you so much for creating this!

  3. Thank you for this reference tool. I was praying for direction and I believe God led me here. Thank you for your dedication to helping ministries become better for kingdom efficient service.

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