6 Lessons from What’s Best Next by Matt Perman

I recently finished reading What’s Best Next by Matt Perman, who runs a blog by the same name. The book’s subtitle is “How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done.” It’s the best book I’ve read so far this year. I have read and benefited from a number of productivity-related books (Getting Things Done,Continue reading “6 Lessons from What’s Best Next by Matt Perman”

Podcasts Worth Listening To

One of the marks of the best leaders I know is that they are eager to keep learning. One of the blessings of technology today is having so many fantastic resources so readily available (sometimes too many). I learn best by listening, so podcasts have been a God-send for my life and leadership. I thoughtContinue reading “Podcasts Worth Listening To”

Do You Really Know Who’s at Your Church? (and How to Find Out)

What’s the makeup of your church? Mostly young families? Singles? Seniors? Church people? Unchurched people? Diverse? Homogenous? How well are people getting connected? To what degree are they embracing your vision? Do they serve? Invite people? Because good pastors are shepherds who know the sheep, they typically have some idea about these things. But IContinue reading “Do You Really Know Who’s at Your Church? (and How to Find Out)”

A Simple Plan for Daddy Dates

Every good dad I know intentionally spends time with his kids. Most dads also think about how to spend good one-on-one time with each kid. But many dads I know want to do daddy dates more often, with more intentionality. They need a plan. Here’s the plan that I’ve been using with my two daughters: WeContinue reading “A Simple Plan for Daddy Dates”

Toolbox: Church Service Evaluation Form

Last weekend I took our five Pastoral Residents on a church tour where we visited six different worship services. While our goal wasn’t to be negatively critical, I wanted the guys to pay attention to what they were experiencing. Through an experience like that you begin to notice a lot of little things. This isContinue reading “Toolbox: Church Service Evaluation Form”

What I Learned from 10 Churches in 4 Days

This past week was crazy. I took our five Pastoral Residents on our first annual “church tour.” We decided to stay close to home and see what we could learn from the Church (or part of it) in Phoenix. We interacted with 10 churches, met with 7 leaders, participated in 6 worship services, heard 2Continue reading “What I Learned from 10 Churches in 4 Days”

It’s Not (Just) About the Model

My last few posts have dealt in depth with multi-site models. First I shared how we do it at Redemption, then I argued that our model is stronger than video multi-site, and finally I offered some advantages that video multi-site has. Throughout those posts, there was a lot of discussion about models. How things areContinue reading “It’s Not (Just) About the Model”