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Written by Dave Shrein

Preaching Through Camps & Conferences

As a pastor or ministry leader, being invited to speak at a camp or conference is a wonderful opportunity to impact lives. Having experienced the life-changing power of events like Christmas conferences myself, I know the potential these focused times of teaching and worship hold.

If you find yourself preparing to speak at a camp or conference, here are five proven strategies to help craft powerful, transformative messages:

  1. Leverage proven material. Rather than starting from scratch, select a few of your most effective sermon series to adapt. Series that work well include character studies (like the Prodigal Son), explorations of God’s attributes, dramatic Old Testament narratives, or deep dives into a single story from multiple angles.
  2. Know your audience. Gather intel from organizers on the attendee makeup, venue, schedule, and desired theme or topics. Then customize your illustrations and overall approach to resonate with that specific group.
  3. Open strong. In your first message, prioritize grabbing attention, building trust, and making personal connections. Consider including your testimony, family photos, and well-placed humor. You’re setting the tone for the whole event.
  4. Create an arc. As the event progresses, each message should build on the preceding ones, reinforcing key themes. Crescendo toward a powerful response night near the end. Think of it as one cohesive mega-sermon rather than disparate talks.
  5. Extend impact through interaction. Don’t just preach and disappear – engage personally with attendees between sessions. Realize the weight of influence you carry in this setting, and steward it to encourage people, especially volunteer leaders.

Bonus tip: During the event, humbly request feedback on how to improve your remaining messages. Afterwards, evaluate what elements connected best with different audiences. Refine your strongest content to re-deploy in the future to even greater impact.

Remember, the goal is not to dazzle with oratory but to serve the Body of Christ. As you prepare and deliver camp and conference messages, rely on proven material, contextual awareness, and the Holy Spirit’s power to craft an experience that will echo in people’s lives long after they’ve returned home.

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