Top 10 Resources for Pastors & Church Planters

I was recently asked by a pastor friend to recommend my top 10 most influential resources for pastors, church planters, or those aspiring to high-level ministry leadership. He wasn’t looking for explicitly theological resources as much as tools that explore ministry design, pastoral leadership, and developing a disciple-making ministry. While a number of these resources¬†flow […]

4 Advantages of Video Multi-Site

My last few posts have been about Redemption Church’s multi-congregational model and then about why I believe this model is better than the video multi-site model. (Note: I didn’t say that our church is better than the video multi-site churches, but that our model is better). In this post, I want to discuss four advantages […]

5 Reasons Why Multi-Congregational Church is Better Than Video Multi-Site

In my last post I explained how our church does multi-congregational ministry. In this post, I want to flesh out how it’s different from “typical” video multi-site church and why I think our approach is better. What’s the difference? Technically, a multi-site church is one church meeting in multiple locations. The term multi-site is a […]

Why Aspiring Planters Need a Church Planting Residency

I’ve seen it time and time again: A potential church planter who is determined to launch a healthy church. It’s a great, godly ambition. But there’s often a big problem: Rarely has the potential church planter actually participated in a healthy church. Not to mention that they’ve never been on a healthy church staff, led […]

“Would it be a sin for you to NOT plant a church?”

It’s a common question that potential church planters get asked in the assessment process. The intent is to see how firm God’s calling is on this man to plant a church. What a stupid question. Similarly, church planting gurus will say things like, “If there’s anything else you could be happy doing, then you should […]