Top 10 Resources for Pastors & Church Planters

I was recently asked by a pastor friend to recommend my top 10 most influential resources for pastors, church planters, or those aspiring to high-level ministry leadership. He wasn’t looking for explicitly theological resources as much as tools that explore ministry design, pastoral leadership, and developing a disciple-making ministry. While a number of these resources flowContinue reading “Top 10 Resources for Pastors & Church Planters”

4 Advantages of Video Multi-Site

My last few posts have been about Redemption Church’s multi-congregational model and then about why I believe this model is better than the video multi-site model. (Note: I didn’t say that our church is better than the video multi-site churches, but that our model is better). In this post, I want to discuss four advantagesContinue reading “4 Advantages of Video Multi-Site”

5 Reasons Why Multi-Congregational Church is Better Than Video Multi-Site

In my last post I explained how our church does multi-congregational ministry. In this post, I want to flesh out how it’s different from “typical” video multi-site church and why I think our approach is better. What’s the difference? Technically, a multi-site church is one church meeting in multiple locations. The term multi-site is aContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Multi-Congregational Church is Better Than Video Multi-Site”

Do You Love the People You Have Now?

The best leaders are always looking for a way to take things to the next level. That’s a good thing. Without this trait, we’d be stuck with the status quo, never pushing ourselves to improve or grow. For church planters and pastors, this often means we focus on reaching new people. We cast vision toContinue reading “Do You Love the People You Have Now?”

First Things First

Some things are more important than others.¬†Leadership is required to filter what’s most important and keep first things first. I received this email the other day from the folks at North Point Community Church who run the Drive Conference (We took our team to Drive earlier this year for a great few days of training):Continue reading “First Things First”

Why Aspiring Planters Need a Church Planting Residency

I’ve seen it time and time again: A potential church planter who is determined to launch a healthy church. It’s a great, godly ambition. But there’s often a big problem: Rarely has the potential church planter actually participated in a healthy church. Not to mention that they’ve never been on a healthy church staff, ledContinue reading “Why Aspiring Planters Need a Church Planting Residency”

“Would it be a sin for you to NOT plant a church?”

It’s a common question that potential church planters get asked in the assessment process. The intent is to see how firm God’s calling is on this man to plant a church. What a stupid question. Similarly, church planting gurus will say things like, “If there’s anything else you could be happy doing, then you shouldContinue reading ““Would it be a sin for you to NOT plant a church?””