What I Learned at the Global Leadership Summit, Day 2

My last post shared what I learned at Day 1 of Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit. Here’s what I learned the second day: MASTERING THE SKILL OF INFLUENCE | JOSEPH GRENNY Joseph Grenny is a business leader and author. His presentation was practical and engaging. Leadership is intentional influence. We’re naive about how profound our […]

What I Learned at the Global Leadership Summit, Day 1

Each August tens of thousands of leaders gather in dozens of locations around the country to experience the Global Leadership Summit — two days of world-class leadership training. This year the Redemption Church Gateway staff is attending at the Mesa satellite location. Yesterday was the first day of the Summit and it was a great […]

Uncertainty is Why We Need Leadership

I was reminded of this remarkable point by watching Michael Hyatt’s interview with Andy Stanley: Stanley says that leaders feel like they’re failing in times of uncertainty, but it’s actually job security. I find this truly encouraging, as I’m currently facing a number of important decisions and I lack certainty about which way they should […]

Do a Few Things Well

Leaders have big ideas, strong confidence and inspiring faith. They can see what their organization, team, business, ministry or church will eventually become. They envision it a few years down the road running at full-steam with plenty of resources, support, and specialization. But they make a big mistake if they try to create that full-orbed […]

What is Ministry Success?

This question is on the mind of every pastor I know: What is ministry success? Seasoned pastor Kent Hughes shares his personal story of wrestling with this question and the biblical answers he found. It’s a powerful, must-watch/listen message. Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome—26 Years Later from Desiring God on Vimeo. Click here to […]