Leadership Lessons from Restaurant Impossible

Over the Christmas holidays my daughter and I were sucked in to a show I had never watched — Restaurant: Impossible. We were sitting around and, next thing I knew, we’d watched two or three episodes in a row. I learned some valuable leadership lessons in the process. In case you’re unfamiliar with the show,Continue reading “Leadership Lessons from Restaurant Impossible”

Why I Love and Hate Preaching on Christmas Eve

Pastors everywhere are now putting their finishing touches on their Christmas Eve sermons. Christmas Eve is an incredible opportunities for churches and pastors to have a significant impact. But they’re also very challenging. In fact, most pastors I know do not particularly like Christmas sermons. Here’s what I love and hate about preaching on ChristmasContinue reading “Why I Love and Hate Preaching on Christmas Eve”

A Key Ingredient for Healthy Church Leadership

Healthy church leadership is more rare than it should be. Every month I meet more and more church leaders who are in, or are coming out of, very unhealthy leadership cultures. They’re often refreshed by the culture at Redemption Church (which is not perfect, but is healthy). One of the key ingredients to our healthyContinue reading “A Key Ingredient for Healthy Church Leadership”

7 Lessons from Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley

We recently kicked off our first Pastoral Internship & Residency program at Redemption Gateway. We’re reading and discussing a number of great resources. The most recent book we’ve looked at is Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley. The subtitle is “Five Essentials for Those Who Will Shape the Future” and these five essentials shape theContinue reading “7 Lessons from Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley”

The Antidote to Discontent

Everyone battles discontent at different times and in different ways. Some are discontent with their marriage. Others are discontent with their bodies. Many are discontent with their career path. For every expectation we can have, a discontent is readily available. Because feelings of discontent seem normal, it’s easy to miss how poisonous they are toContinue reading “The Antidote to Discontent”

One Crucial Thing a Leader Brings

Energy. You may have skill. You may have insight. You may have strategy. But if you don’t have energy as a leader, everyone around you suffers. I remember talking with a church planter who was frustrated about his church’s lack of passion, momentum and energy. As we discussed the previous months leading up to this,Continue reading “One Crucial Thing a Leader Brings”

Who Is Really To Blame for the 80/20 Rule?

Most churches experience the 80/20 rule when it comes to volunteering: 80% (or more) of the work is done by 20% of the people. This frustrates leaders and leads to burning out volunteers. It also creates animosity in the faithful 20% towards the other 80% who “need to get off their butts and help usContinue reading “Who Is Really To Blame for the 80/20 Rule?”

One of the Best (But Rarely Used) Ways to Train Leaders

There are lots of ways to develop and shape future leaders. One of my favorites is to use ministry case studies. It’s one thing to study Scripture and talk ideally about how it might apply. It’s another to be placed in a ministry situation and determine what you’d actually do. Case studies can be madeContinue reading “One of the Best (But Rarely Used) Ways to Train Leaders”

3 Leadership Lessons From the 2012 Election

The other day a friend asked a great question: “What have you learned about leadership by observing the 2012 Presidential Election?” I’ve followed the race pretty closely for the last 18 months or so, including the primaries. Here are the 3 main leadership lessons I’ve learned (so far). 1. People respond to big, clear, compellingContinue reading “3 Leadership Lessons From the 2012 Election”