The Antidote to Discontent

Everyone battles discontent at different times and in different ways. Some are discontent with their marriage. Others are discontent with their bodies. Many are discontent with their career path. For every expectation we can have, a discontent is readily available. Because feelings of discontent seem normal, it’s easy to miss how poisonous they are toContinue reading “The Antidote to Discontent”

You’re Never as Good as You Think and You’re Never as Bad as You Think

I’m doing a series of posts on sentences that have changed my life (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4). Here’s another: You’re never as good as you think and you’re never as bad as you think. This sentence may strike you as odd, especially in light of the last one (“I am far more sinful andContinue reading “You’re Never as Good as You Think and You’re Never as Bad as You Think”

The Obvious Secret to Christian Leadership

Here it is: Without a vibrant relationship with Jesus, you can’t lead others to Jesus. It’s so obvious that it feels stupid to even write. But it’s something I have to remind myself and our team of constantly. It’s so easy to do ministry for Jesus without doing it with Jesus. It’s common for leadersContinue reading “The Obvious Secret to Christian Leadership”