The Best Tool For Accomplishing Important Things

Leaders know that big things happen only when important things get done. Sadly, important things are often overshadowed by urgent things. How can a leader begin to prioritize what’s important over what’s merely urgent? The best tool I’ve found for accomplishing important things is 6×6 Execution. It comes from Bill Hybels and he explains the idea inContinue reading “The Best Tool For Accomplishing Important Things”

10 Commandments of Staff Engagement

Every team has “rules of engagement” or a “code” to live by. If you’re leading a church staff, you’ve got to have some kind of direction you expect everyone to run in. Here’s ours at Redemption Church Gateway. 01 / PRIORITIZE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS Everything in your life and ministry flows out of yourContinue reading “10 Commandments of Staff Engagement”

The Obvious Secret to Christian Leadership

Here it is: Without a vibrant relationship with Jesus, you can’t lead others to Jesus. It’s so obvious that it feels stupid to even write. But it’s something I have to remind myself and our team of constantly. It’s so easy to do ministry for Jesus without doing it with Jesus. It’s common for leadersContinue reading “The Obvious Secret to Christian Leadership”