How Special Should Easter Services Be?

Easter is just days away and, by now, most church leaders are pretty squared away on what their Easter services will look like. At least I would hope so. Though Easter is undoubtedly special, as it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, churches should beware of making their Easter services too special — or more specifically — […]

4 Advantages of Video Multi-Site

My last few posts have been about Redemption Church’s multi-congregational model and then about why I believe this model is better than the video multi-site model. (Note: I didn’t say that our church is better than the video multi-site churches, but that our model is better). In this post, I want to discuss four advantages […]

5 Reasons Why Multi-Congregational Church is Better Than Video Multi-Site

In my last post I explained how our church does multi-congregational ministry. In this post, I want to flesh out how it’s different from “typical” video multi-site church and why I think our approach is better. What’s the difference? Technically, a multi-site church is one church meeting in multiple locations. The term multi-site is a […]

How Our Multi-Congregational Church Model Works

I am a Lead Pastor and part of the Leadership Team of Redemption Church, a growing multi-congregational church in Arizona. Our model of doing church is quite different from what most people have experienced. Especially among church leaders, we get a lot of questions about how and why we do what we do. This post […]

Quality Leads to Quantity

In a recent tweet, Justin Anderson linked to Karl Vaters article, “Why Small Churches Are the Next Big Thing.” Vaters makes some thoughtful points about what kind of church will effectively reach the Millennial generation that is (supposedly) leaving the church in droves. In particular, he says it’s a great opportunity for small churches: Why? Because, as the […]

Do a Few Things Well

Leaders have big ideas, strong confidence and inspiring faith. They can see what their organization, team, business, ministry or church will eventually become. They envision it a few years down the road running at full-steam with plenty of resources, support, and specialization. But they make a big mistake if they try to create that full-orbed […]