10 Lesser-Known Apps That Improve Productivity for Ministry

I love learning from other people, and I especially like getting behind-the-scenes looks at how they do what they do. I have a folder on my computer where I’ve kept examples of people’s weekly schedules. I love asking other pastors about how they do sermon prep. It’s fascinating to ask people what their typical dayContinue reading “10 Lesser-Known Apps That Improve Productivity for Ministry”

8 Lessons for Pastors on Christmas Eve Services

Christmas Eve is one week away. I have the privilege of coaching four of our Redemption church planters on a regular basis, and I recently shared with them some of the key lessons I’ve learned from doing Christmas Eve services. They gave encouraging feedback, so I thought I’d share it more broadly. 1. Evaluation. SoonContinue reading “8 Lessons for Pastors on Christmas Eve Services”

Think-Pair-Share: How to Lead Engaging Discussions

Leaders must lead engaging discussions. Rallying people always involves conversations that elicit their feedback and encourage their participation. Whether you’re a pastor, a kids ministry teacher or a small group leader, you must lead engaging discussions. One of the most helpful tools for this is “think-pair-share.” First a story… About 11 years ago I was helping lead a collegeContinue reading “Think-Pair-Share: How to Lead Engaging Discussions”

What I Learned from a Weekend with Ex-Cons

This past weekend I spoke at a men’s retreat for Desert View Bible Church. There were about 140 men, mostly guys who attend the church. One of the men works with Alongside Ministries, a ministry that provides Christ-centered mentoring to the incarcerated community. He brought about 15 men who have been released from prison in theContinue reading “What I Learned from a Weekend with Ex-Cons”

How Special Should Easter Services Be?

Easter is just days away and, by now, most church leaders are pretty squared away on what their Easter services will look like. At least I would hope so. Though Easter is undoubtedly special, as it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, churches should beware of making their Easter services too special — or more specifically —Continue reading “How Special Should Easter Services Be?”

Podcasts Worth Listening To

One of the marks of the best leaders I know is that they are eager to keep learning. One of the blessings of technology today is having so many fantastic resources so readily available (sometimes too many). I learn best by listening, so podcasts have been a God-send for my life and leadership. I thoughtContinue reading “Podcasts Worth Listening To”

How We Do Performance Reviews at Redemption Gateway

One of the most satisfying things in life is to have clarity on your job and know that you’re doing it well. Conversely, if you’re uncertain about what you’re supposed to be doing and unsure about whether you’re doing it well, it’s a sure path to a miserable job. That’s why, at Redemption Gateway, weContinue reading “How We Do Performance Reviews at Redemption Gateway”

Clarify the Win

I first heard the language “Clarify the Win” a few years ago in a Practically Speaking podcast, where the senior leaders at North Point Community Church talk about their 7 Practices of Effective Ministry. What is it to “Clarify the Win”? Leaders and volunteers want to “win,” but often find it difficult to know whetherContinue reading “Clarify the Win”

6 Ministry Leadership Blogs Worth Following

We all know there are different kinds of leaders with different strengths. None of us are good at everything. Many of the pastors and church planters I know are strong in vision, Bible, or in caring for people, but really want (and need) help in the area of systems, strategy, organization, structure, and processes. It’sContinue reading “6 Ministry Leadership Blogs Worth Following”