How Should a Ministry Leader Dress?

If you have a commitment to developing leaders holistically, then eventually all kinds of questions come up. Recently a discussion arose around appearance, clothing, and dress, and how these things impact your leadership. Some will immediately dismiss the question, saying, “Man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart” (1 SamuelContinue reading “How Should a Ministry Leader Dress?”

Quality Leads to Quantity

In a recent tweet, Justin Anderson linked to Karl Vaters article, “Why Small Churches Are the Next Big Thing.” Vaters makes some thoughtful points about what kind of church will effectively reach the Millennial generation that is (supposedly) leaving the church in droves. In particular, he says it’s a great opportunity for small churches: Why? Because, as theContinue reading “Quality Leads to Quantity”

What I Learned from Our 90-Day Tithe Challenge

At Redemption Church Gateway, we recently completed a 90-Day Tithe Challenge. We issued the challenge as part of our “Building a Stronger Church” series in a message simply titled, “Generosity” (you can see me issue the challenge at the 34:23 mark). The challenge was to either start giving 10% or, for those who were already tithing, to intentionallyContinue reading “What I Learned from Our 90-Day Tithe Challenge”

5 Observations From the Oscars

A big part of ministry and leadership is being able to analyze and engage culture. Few things shape culture more than film, and last night’s Academy Awards was an insightful place to observe some cultural realities. I watched the entire broadcast and here’s what I noticed: 1. God has gifted people with a remarkable diversityContinue reading “5 Observations From the Oscars”

The 4 T’s of Discipleship

I’m grateful to have been consistently discipled since becoming a Christian in high school. What goes into discipleship? It’s really quite simple (though it’s not easy). Here’s a paradigm that I learned from Tim Maughan, a mentor and friend of mine from Redemption Gilbert: 1. Truth — You must impart Biblical truth into somebody’s lifeContinue reading “The 4 T’s of Discipleship”

Leadership Lessons from Restaurant Impossible

Over the Christmas holidays my daughter and I were sucked in to a show I had never watched — Restaurant: Impossible. We were sitting around and, next thing I knew, we’d watched two or three episodes in a row. I learned some valuable leadership lessons in the process. In case you’re unfamiliar with the show,Continue reading “Leadership Lessons from Restaurant Impossible”

Where is Jesus When Horrible Evil Strikes?

Last week’s shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut continue to bring me–and our nation–a great deal of sadness. This past Sunday at Redemption Gateway we took a break from our 1 Peter series to address the question, “Where is Jesus when horrible evil strikes?” It seemed appropriate to try to shepherd our people throughContinue reading “Where is Jesus When Horrible Evil Strikes?”