Sermon Notes & Preparing to Preach

I’ve been teaching a Preaching Lab this summer, where a bunch of men and women are learning the basics of preaching and then preaching a practice sermon. This week one of the participants asked me a good question about the sermon prep process and sermon notes, and I thought I’d share my answer. Q: When you prepareContinue reading “Sermon Notes & Preparing to Preach”

4 Keys to Faithful Preaching

I recently met with our Pastoral Residents to discuss preaching. Faithful preaching is a crucial part of a healthy church, and we are trying to help these guys develop into faithful preachers. This raises the question, “What makes up faithful preaching?” I think there are at least four marks of faithful preaching and, conveniently, they begin with “P.”Continue reading “4 Keys to Faithful Preaching”

Preaching the Bible vs. Using the Bible

On a regular basis I will hear a shocking phrase from somebody who is new to our church. “It’s great how you guys actually teach the Bible.” What a bizarre idea. A person experiences our ministry and is refreshed because we actually teach the Bible. What is everyone else doing? This used to strike meContinue reading “Preaching the Bible vs. Using the Bible”

This Will Make You a Better Preacher

Preachers should always be working to improve their craft, and I’m recommending a resource that will help you improve preaching. In this video, Justin Anderson gives a bunch of nuts and bolts that will make you a better preacher or public speaker. Justin was formerly a fellow pastor with me in Arizona and is nowContinue reading “This Will Make You a Better Preacher”

10 Things I Learned From Preaching On Homosexuality

Over the last two Sundays I preached two sermons on homosexuality, based on Romans 1:26-27. The two messages were really more like one long one spread out over two weeks. The first week was “A Theology of Homosexuality” and the second was “A Christian Attitude Toward Homosexuality.” Here’s what I learned from preaching on homosexuality:Continue reading “10 Things I Learned From Preaching On Homosexuality”

What I Learned from the Preach Better Sermons Conference

Yesterday The Rocket Company hosted a free online event, the Preach Better Sermons Conference. Over 15,000 people attended this online event and #preachingrocket was even trending on Twitter in the US yesterday. It looks like they’re planning to re-broadcast the material on May 16th as well (sign up here). General Comments The conference was all interviewsContinue reading “What I Learned from the Preach Better Sermons Conference”

6 Marks of Effective Preaching

I met recently with the Pastoral Residents at Redemption Church to discuss preaching. In particular, we were exploring what makes effective preaching. (Here’s our working definition of preaching) I think Redemption is known for having strong preaching (across all six congregations), so I spent some time reflecting on what marks the preaching culture we have.Continue reading “6 Marks of Effective Preaching”

Advice for Beginning Communicators

This past weekend, my dad was honored with an award and had to give a speech. He was nervous, having never spoken to a large group of adults. This isn’t surprising as most people’s #1 fear is public speaking, even more than death. Along the way, he asked me for some advice. Upon further reflection,Continue reading “Advice for Beginning Communicators”

Questions I Ask When Preparing a Sermon

Occasionally I’m asked how I put together a sermon. It’s really more art than science, it changes and morphs over time, and every preacher is different. Nonetheless, I’ve created a set of questions that I force myself to answer in preparing a sermon. There’s more once these questions are answered, but I can’t get veryContinue reading “Questions I Ask When Preparing a Sermon”