13 Lessons I’m Bringing Home from Sabbatical

This summer, our elders graciously gave me (and my family) ten weeks off to enjoy a sabbatical. It was a life-changing experience that I’m deeply thankful for. I’ve been back now for just under a month and continue to process all that we experienced and learned. On my first Sunday back in the pulpit, I shared […]

Reflections on the Glorious & Terrifying Lordship of Jesus

This past Sunday was Easter and I preached a message called “The History of Redemption.” The sermon was 25 minutes of only Scripture, telling the story of the Bible from beginning to end. It was a powerful day for our church, but for me it was a powerful few months of memorizing and internalizing the Scriptures. I’ve been […]

10 Things I Learned From Preaching On Homosexuality

Over the last two Sundays I preached two sermons on homosexuality, based on Romans 1:26-27. The two messages were really more like one long one spread out over two weeks. The first week was “A Theology of Homosexuality” and the second was “A Christian Attitude Toward Homosexuality.” Here’s what I learned from preaching on homosexuality: […]

What I Learned from the Preach Better Sermons Conference

Yesterday The Rocket Company hosted a free online event, the Preach Better Sermons Conference. Over 15,000 people attended this online event and #preachingrocket was even trending on Twitter in the US yesterday. It looks like they’re planning to re-broadcast the material on May 16th as well (sign up here). General Comments The conference was all interviews […]