Reflections on the Glorious & Terrifying Lordship of Jesus

This past Sunday was Easter and I preached a message called “The History of Redemption.” The sermon was 25 minutes of only Scripture, telling the story of the Bible from beginning to end. It was a powerful day for our church, but for me it was a powerful few months of memorizing and internalizing the Scriptures. I’ve been […]

What I Learned from a Weekend with Ex-Cons

This past weekend I spoke at a men’s retreat for Desert View Bible Church. There were about 140 men, mostly guys who attend the church. One of the men works with Alongside Ministries, a ministry that provides Christ-centered mentoring to the incarcerated community. He brought about 15 men who have been released from prison in the […]

Stop Putting Jesus First

It’s common for Christians and Christian leaders to talk about their priorities. Usually they list it something like: Relationship with Jesus. Family. Friends. Work. Church. While this approach is surely well-intentioned, I think there’s a better way. Rather than seeing Jesus as the top priority, picture him as the hub of the wheel of your […]

Christians Should Know Better Than Anyone That They Aren’t Better Than Anyone

The prerequisite to becoming a Christian is to admit that you are a failure before God. Without this awareness, there’s no real appreciation for God’s amazing grace. The longer you live as a Christian, the more of a failure you realize you are. At the beginning you see the failure in your actions. But over […]

I am Far More Sinful and Wicked Than I Ever Dared Believe and Far More Loved and Accepted in Christ Than I Ever Dared Hope

I’m doing a series of posts on sentences that have changed my life (part 1, part 2, part 3) Here’s another: I am far more sinful and wicked than I ever dared believe and far more loved and accepted in Christ than I ever dared hope. I first heard this influential phrase from Tim Keller, […]

The Gospel is Not Just the ABC’s but the A-to-Z of the Christian life.

Over a series of posts, I’m writing about the sentences that have changed my life (part 1). Here’s the second: The gospel is not just the ABC’s but the A-to-Z of the Christian life. I’m not exactly sure who first coined this sentence — my guess would be either Dick Kauffman or Tim Keller — but […]