Luke Simmons specializes in coaching church planters, pastors and ministry leaders who are looking to accelerate their growth.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an intentional one-on-one relationship that helps a leader identify and accomplish his personal and ministry goals faster than he could on his own.

Who Would Benefit From Coaching?

  • Leaders who want to accelerate their personal growth.
  • Leaders who want to work smarter rather than harder.
  • Leaders who want to apply the gospel more intentionally to their ministry.
  • Church Planters who want to establish a healthy church from the ground up.
  • Pastors who want to improve their church systems.
  • Pastors who are exploring multi-congregational ministry.
  • Pastors who want to implement proven processes for developing leaders.

What Does Coaching Involve?

  • Coaching involves at least 2 coaching appointments per month for at least 6 months. Distance is not an obstacle in coaching. Coaching appointments can happen face to face, via Skype, or phone.
  • Coaching begins with setting goals and continues with systematic progress toward those goals.
  • Contact Luke for more detailed information or to set up a complimentary coaching session.

What are Luke’s Qualifications as a Coach?

Luke has planted and is now pastoring a healthy, growing congregation and serves on the executive leadership team of a very large multi-congregational church. He oversees the Pastoral Residency Program at Redemption Church and has experience coaching leaders, church planters, and pastors. Additionally, Luke is certified with CoachNet and Gospel Coach.

What are Others Saying About Luke’s Coaching?

I have been in pastoral leadership for many years and personally coach several church planters, but a few years ago I realized how much I needed someone to speak into my own life and ministry. I asked Luke to be my coach and it was one of the best decisions I have made as a leader. Luke is insightful, thoughtful, and asks the right questions.” – Scott Brown, New Valley Church

If you’re looking to take the next step on your leadership, become a better communicator or be more strategic as a pastor, I can’t recommend using Luke Simmons as a coach highly enough. I benefitted greatly from my time with him and it helped take our church to the next level.” – Josh Reich, Revolution Church

When I look for a coach, I’m not interested a person who has all the answers, but someone who asks good questions and helps me find helpful results. In my coaching experience with Luke Simmons, I found both. Luke asked questions that engaged my heart and how I was interacting with Jesus. My head left each coaching meeting spinning with new ideas and fresh insights. But, we never left it in those who arenas. Luke would insist on pressing my insights and the gospel into the actions needed to lead a church toward results that were faithful and fruitful.” – Brian Lowe, Exodus Church

Take the Next Step

Contact Luke for more information or to schedule a complimentary coaching session.

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