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Personal Ministry Assessment PDF, Faithful & Fruitful
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Church Staff Success Training Day

Navigating Landmines and Leadership Essentials

This 60+ minute Training Day, Church Staff Success: Navigating Landmines and Leadership Essentials, will provide you with a framework for how to manage staff, but more than that, a collection of practical actions you can use for building a staff that is efficient and effective in executing your church’s mission.

Some of what you can expect in this training

  • Instructions and insights for fun and effective staff meetings
  • Approaches for holding staff accountable and having difficult conversations
  • Insights for holding yourself, the leader, accountable for the overall health of the staff
  • Managing change and transitions
  • Coaching up staff members, especially if you were not the one who hired them
  • And so much more.

Pastors don’t enter ministry because they want to manage a staff. However, it is inevitable that in their ministry there will be staff that needs to be managed — and more than that, a staff that is being led on mission.

$27 Value

Training Day, Church Staff Success, Faithful & Fruitful

$27 Value

Purposeful Pastoring: Designing Your Ideal Week

$27 Value

Managing the Pastoral Schedule Training Day

Purposeful Pastoring: Designing Your Ideal Week

Transform your weekly ministry routine from chaotic and reactionary, to purposeful and proactive. This Faithful & Fruitful Training Day gives you the formal training you need to tackle the unique challenges of ministry life.

  • How to identify and make time for your top priorities each week.
  • Strategies to ensure you complete your most important tasks each day.
  • Ways to stay available and responsive to your congregation, even during busy times.
  • Tips to recognize and reduce time-wasters in your schedule.
  • Techniques to create a weekly routine that is both peaceful and productive.

Creating an ideal week is a small, yet powerful practice to nurture your calling, your congregation, and your personal relationships. Prevent the overwhelm of constant demands by embracing a structured yet adaptable weekly approach, ensuring fulfillment of the work God has called you to do and promoting spiritual well-being for yourself, your family, and your church community.

$27 Value

Your Christmas Offering

$27 Value

Christmas Offering Training Day

How to Run An Effective and GENEROUS Christmas Offering

This video training material provides practical instructions for planning a Christmas offering.

  • How to select projects for your Christmas offering
  • Find a proposed Christmas offering timeline to follow
  • Compelling ways to promote your offering that go beyond generic appeals
  • Insights for removing obstacles from giving to the offering
  • Practical recommendations for encouraging first-time givers

Insights provided can be easily modified for any special offering during any season of the year.

$27 Value

How to Preach Handbook

Elevate Your Preparation and Reduce the Pressure of Preaching

The insights gained will help you achieve the practical skills needed to better prepare your sermons, elevate your preaching over time, and deliver meaningful and transformative messages.

  • Enhance your understanding of scripture during study
  • Design and hone your sermon preparation process
  • Master your material for more perfect delivery
  • Understand your audience to engage both believers and non-believers
  • Apply a framework to solicit, receive, and apply constructive feedback

The insights gained will help you achieve the practical skills needed to better prepare your sermons, elevate your preaching over time, and deliver meaningful and transformative messages.

A Simple Book Designed to Help Pastors Experience the Joy of Preaching God’s Transformative Word

$47 Value

Faithful and Fruitful How to Preach Handbook

$47 Value

Build a strong eldership team, social sharing image

$47 Value

Elder Team Resources

Sample Docs to Help You Build A Strong and Effective Elder Team

Productive church leadership starts with having the right leaders in place — this collection of elder docs will help you identify and evaluate candidates who are biblically qualified and uniquely wired to lead.

What You’ll Find Inside:

  • Elder Team Processes
  • Testimony & Financial Questionnaire
  • Doctrine & Shepherding Questionnaire
  • Confidential Personal Questionnaire

Your Shortcut to Structuring and Designing An Elder Process that Produces Healthy Leadership

  • Clear and poignant expectations for your church elders
  • Articulate elder qualifications and presuppositions
  • Identify potential conflicts before they arise
  • Candidate questionnaire samples

Take the pain out of the administrative process and save hours creating your own resources from scratch.

$47 Value

On-Demand Preaching Course

Master the Art of Weekly Preaching for Sermons that Have Lasting Impact

The Preaching Course Video Curriculum delivers insight and instruction to help you improve your ability to communicate God’s Word with effectiveness over the long haul.

This six-section preaching course takes you beyond what you’ve learned in seminary and gives you a framework for preaching as a ministry… not just a weekly moment.

You Will Discover & Learn:

  • Best Practices for Organizing Your Sermon
  • Frameworks for Proper Sermon Evaluation
  • How to effectively process praise or criticism
  • Rhythms for Sermon Series Preparation
  • Strategies for preaching the Gospel to non-believers
  • How to contextualize each sermon to your people
  • Insights for mastering non-verbal communication

Discover minor adjustments to your sermon habits in key areas for major impact in your preaching. Insight and instruction that nobody in your congregation has the ability or the confidence to give you.

$497 Value

The Preaching Lab Product Mockup, Sermon Architecture Tool Mockup, Faithful & Fruitful
The Preaching Lab, Videos On Demand

$497 Value

Wait! That's not all...

There are several other free resources hidden across our site — and we’re packaging them all together to help you go All-In On Faithful & Fruitful.

14-Point Sermon Evaluation Tool

This checklist poses crucial questions you can use to assess your sermon’s effectiveness. 

Personal Ministry Assessment PDF, Faithful & Fruitful

25 Question Leader Assessment

A tool to assess your pastoral ministry and identify key areas to grow in this next season.

Implication Grid for Contextualization

A framework to help you evaluate and process through the application and implication of your message.

Increase Your Longevity As A Leader

Planning guide, evaluation checklist, and self-assessment to help you have a life-giving personal retreat.

Stronger Language for Interesting Preaching

Leave from self-created language ruts for greater engagement in preaching and communication.

Sample Elder Meeting Agenda

The same template Luke uses for productive elder meetings. Use it as is or modify as needed.

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Reviews & Endorsements from Pastors

Faithful & Fruitful Ministry Leaders

What preachers have to say about Faithful & Fruitful Resources

Luke has been a terrific resource for me since 2016. I use his sermon evaluation forms and communication strategies as a tool for strengthening my skills as a communicator.


Shannon B


Luke has helped me become more like myself in pulpit; his insight and feedback has helped me close the gap between how I wanted to be experienced verses how I was experienced.

Seth Troutt


Working with Luke afforded me needed perspectives and ways to think about how to best lead in my context— all in real time. I avoided paying the price of slow growth and painful experiences.

Landon M


Informative and challenging. I was introduced to new and different concepts, equipping me to communicate the Gospel with greater clarity and effectiveness.

Blake S

The Preaching Lab

I would recommend this to the preachers. I was able to look at my preaching from a macro level, be reminded of what’s important, and how to craft my sermons.

Tim B

The Preaching Lab

I wholeheartedly recommend this helpful course to someone who has been preaching 10 years or less. I grew. I was sharpened. Overall this was a very beneficial course.

Dan K

The Preaching Lab

What a great set of tools I was given to evaluate and work on the craft God has called me to. I recommend The Preaching Lab.

Chris P

The Preaching Lab

This has been life changing! Preaching has become more fun! My sermon length has decreased. I’m saying more in less time.  Thank you.

Chad F

The Preaching Lab

This has been so incredibly practical and helpful. The discussion about accountability was helpful, as were the insights about strengths and weaknesses. Thanks for making this available.

Dave W

Church Staff Training Day

The landmines were insightful and I like that books were referenced as well. I also found in interesting about the difference kinds of meetings. Will be sharing all that was taught. Thanks so much!


Church Staff Training Day

Excellent. Full of meaningful content. Thank you for this resource. I took lots of notes re: ambiguity, meetings, and transition.

Deek D

Church Staff Training Day

The simple and wise insights will be a staple for me in the future. Hopefully I will have the chance to use it as I bring up preachers to come after me. I’ve particularly benefited from hearing how you prepare a sermon, preach through a sermon calendar, and deal with feedback.

Ian W

Preaching Through Podcast

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