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Written by Dave Shrein

Preaching Through A Fall Launch

Preaching is most effective at leading congregational change when aligned with and supporting other discipleship environments in the church. The annual calendar provides natural seasons of momentum and choosing one core emphasis or initiative to “disproportionately” promote throughout the fall allows for maximum focus and impact without overwhelming people.

Imagine showing up every Sunday to a congregation energized, excited, and ready to get involved. Isn’t it awesome when there is a buzz across campus and people are in the mood for a fresh start or there’s a desire to establish new rhythms?

These are sweet times of ministry.

What if you could tap into this type of momentum without feeling like YOU have to be the one to create it?

You can! 

In this episode of Preaching Through Podcast we help you consider how to make this fall your best ministry launch ever — but also how you can take the same principles and apply them to other launch seasons. 

Storytelling, communication, discipleship, growth, and personal growth for the pastor… it’s all in this week’s episode, Preaching Through A Fall Launch.

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