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Lead Pastor Leadership Intensive

A Gathering of Lead Pastors Hungry to Grow

Get a year’s worth of high-impact lead pastor coaching condensed into an intensive two-day experience, designed to propel your ministry forward with personalized strategies and a supportive community of like-minded leaders.

November 12-13, 2024 | Mesa, AZ


November 12-13, 2024

at Ironwood Church in Mesa, Arizona

Lead Pastors

In the ever-evolving landscape of ministry, the journey from vision to impactful execution is often fraught with unique challenges that standard conference fare and pre-packaged solutions can’t address. This Intensive is your opportunity to dive deep into the real-world ministry issues you face, armed with the guidance of experienced leaders who understand that the path of church leadership must be paved with tailored strategies and personalized support… not general advice.

At the heart of the Leadership Intensive is a commitment to practical wisdom over grandiose ideas—offering what feels like a year’s worth of coaching condensed into an intensive session focused squarely on the problems you’re actually grappling with.

This isn’t about passive consumption of one-size-fits-all content; it’s an active workshop environment where you’ll articulate your needs and collaboratively craft the solutions that will move your ministry forward. The Intensive is constructed to equip you with the necessary insights, tools, and action steps for breakthrough!

Experience Breakthrough In Areas Demanding Your Attention

Beyond strategy and skills, the Intensive fosters a unique community of ministry leaders who share your drive, challenges, and vision for impact. While networking is never a guarantee, the environment we cultivate is ripe for forming deep, meaningful connections with peers who can say, “Oh, you too?”—echoing C.S. Lewis’s notion that true friendship is discovered in shared experience. This gathering of lead pastors is for the hungry: leaders poised to grow not just numerically, but personally, ready to transform their passion into action.

Whether you’re at a pivotal moment of expansion, wrestling with staffing issues, or simply seeking to elevate your leadership, the Lead Pastor Leadership Intensive promises to be an invaluable resource. Here, you won’t just find answers—you’ll join a community of like-minded leaders dedicated to building the Church. If you’re driven to excel in ministry and ready to engage deeply with the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, this Intensive is where your next chapter begins.

Be ready to leave full—not just of knowledge, but of purpose, direction, and renewed zeal for your calling. This event is for those who aren’t satisfied with just getting by; it’s for leaders eager to excel and lead with conviction and clarity. Join us, and let’s craft the future of your ministry together.

What the Intensive Is...

This is not a passive conference where you merely absorb information. Each session is a dynamic, topic-driven workshop where the agenda is shaped by the real-world questions and challenges you bring to the table. 

Come prepared to engage, collaborate, and tackle the issues that matter most to your ministry.

Each session is an intimate gathering of lead pastors—a small cohort where you’ll have direct, face-to-face access to our seasoned and experienced mentors.

There are no stages or sound systems here; only close, personal interaction tackling the topics that matter most to you and your ministry.

This is your opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue and receive tailored guidance that addresses your unique challenges head-on.

The word “intensive” is deliberate. Our time together will be purposeful, focused, and driven, with brief breaks woven in.

Community, fellowship, and connection are integral to the session format, allowing you to share your context and engage with other pastors as they share theirs. This is a space for both structured learning and organic relationship-building.

To further foster casual connections, we’ll gather for an after-hours dinner on Tuesday evening, providing an informal setting to unwind and continue the conversation.

Do not miss out on an entire year of coaching delivered in a 2-day experience.

What the Intensive IS NOT...

This is not a spectator’s conference where you simply absorb information. Each session is a dynamic, topic-driven workshop where the agenda is shaped by the real-world questions and challenges you bring to the table.

Come prepared to engage, collaborate, and tackle the issues that matter most to your ministry.

Your participation is not just welcomed—it’s essential to unlocking the full potential of this intensive experience.

This intensive is not about personal brand-building or platform expansion.

It’s specifically designed for lead pastors who are hungry to grow—both personally and in their capacity to lead their churches to new heights. Our time together is wholly dedicated to the growth and flourishing of your home church.

Every session, every discussion, and every connection made is focused on equipping you with the tools, insights, and strategies you need to take your ministry to the next level.

This is not an event where you can afford to miss sessions or “network” in the back of the room. Every moment is an opportunity for growth and transformation, and if you miss a session, you miss the heart of the intensive.

Come prepared to fully engage—to share your context, ask the tough questions, and dive deep in dialogue with experienced leaders. This is your chance to gain the insights, strategies, and tools you need to catalyze real change in your ministry.

Embrace it wholeheartedly, and you’ll leave equipped and empowered to lead your church forward.

What You Can Expect

Best-Practice Leadership Talks

Expect several short best-practice leadership talks crafted to educate, inspire, and edify you in your role as lead pastor.

Small Group Coaching Sessions

Multiple 90-minute small group coaching sessions with experienced practitioners well-acquainted with your needs & challenges.

Workshop Your Specific Solutions

Come prepared with questions, problems, and situations you want solutions for. Workshop with experienced leaders and other attendees.

Informal Space for Processing

We’ll provide time and space for you to connect with our mentors and other lead pastors for processing and discussion.

Ongoing Communication

You’ll receive an invitation to join the Faithful & Fruitful Slack channel for ongoing support and resource-sharing.

Personal Access to Leaders

You’ll be provided with contact information for personal access to the experienced leaders even after the event has passed.

Event Agenda & Schedule

Tuesday, November 12

12:00pm — Event begins // Introductions & Orientation

1:00pm — Small group coaching session #1 (90 Minutes)

3:00pm — Small group coaching session #2 (90 Minutes)

5:30pm — Catered dinner

8:00pm — Optional fire pit for drinks & conversation

Wednesday, November 13

8:00am — Breakfast

8:30am — Small group coaching session #3 (90 Minutes)

10:30am — Small group coaching session #4 (90 Minutes)

12:00pm — Dismissal

Join Us In Person at Ironwood Church In Mesa, Arizona

You don’t achieve what you dream of. You achieve what you dedicate yourself to, and that’s exactly what the Lead Pastor Leadership Intensive is designed for. This is a comprehensive exploration of your leadership potential, team empowerment, and ministry impact.

The Lead Pastor Leadership Intensive is an invitation to become a better steward of the calling God has placed on your life — to lead His church. This is your opportunity to step up and lead with purpose, clarity, and conviction.

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Luke Simmons, Lead Pastor at Ironwood Church in Mesa, Arizona. Learn more about Luke.

Luke Simmons, Lead Pastor, Ironwood Church

Meet Your Host

I’m Luke Simmons — I’ve been in full-time pastoral ministry since 2004 and I’ve got the scars to prove it. After all those years, I’ve remained joyful in ministry, my family loves the church, and I still delight in helping people meet, know, and follow Jesus. I want the same for you.

Sometimes we need an experienced coach who can answer questions, offer suggestions, cheer us on, and be confident on our behalf. That’s why I’m here.

God has graciously allowed me to serve as a church planter, lead pastor, preacher, and leadership coach (read my full bio here). I love learning and when things I’ve learned get to help other leaders… oh baby, that’s the good stuff.

Ironwood Church

Join Us at Ironwood Church

Dates & Times

Tuesday, November 12
12pm to 5pm

Wednesday, November 13
8am to 12pm

Meeting Location

Ironwood Church
8635 E Pecos Rd
Mesa, AZ 85212

Airport Information

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway, AZA (2.8 miles)

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, PHX (34.4 miles)

Frequently Asked Questions

This event is designed specifically for the church senior / lead pastor.

Our event format, session topics, and community discussion is centered to serve the needs and challenges unique to the lead pastor.

We are limiting attendance only to lead pastors to maintain the focus and usefulness of our time together.

Plan to arrive at Ironwood Church in Mesa, Arizona by 11am on Tuesday, November 12, 2024. 

Our final session will conclude by 2pm on Wednesday, November 13, 2024.

*Specific times are tentative and subject to change.

Air travelers have the option of flying in to either Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport or Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway (AZA) is approximately 2.4 miles or 5 minutes away from Ironwood Church.

Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) is approximately 34.4 mils or 40 minutes away from Ironwood Church.

Due to the nature of this live event, we do a limited refund policy.  

Refund requests prior to July 31 are eligible for a 100% refund.

Refund requests made August 1 through September 30 are eligible for a 50% refund.

Requests made on or after October 1 are not eligible for a refund.

If you have any additional questions about this policy or would like to request a refund please email [email protected].

Luke Simmons, the host of the intensive, is the Lead Pastor of Ironwood Church, our hosting church.

This event is not affiliated with Ironwood Church, however, our statement of faith is consistent with that shared on the Ironwood Church website.

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