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Written by Dave Shrein

Preaching Through The Gospels

Which Gospel should you preach through? When you make the decision to do a deep dive on the life of Jesus, which Gospel narrative should you select? Moreover, how long should you dedicate to preaching that text? Do you want to preach the entire Gospel? Do you want to focus in on just the Sermon On the Mount? Would it be better to preach through all of the parallel passages?

While there is no right way to preach through one, several, or all of the the Gospels, there are several considerations and conversations that should influence your overall theme and, more specifically, your individual messages. 

  • Which Gospel?
  • How many weeks?
  • Should I incorporate parallel passages?
  • Do I use supplemental media?
  • How should you address “Jesus” baggage in your messages?

You want Jesus to come alive to your congregation, not that he isn’t alive already, but you want to take him off of the 2D flannel graph and preach the text in 3D and full color. That is what we discuss in this episode of the Preaching Through Podcast.

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