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Church Staff Success Training Day


This 60+ minute Training Day, Church Staff Success: Navigating Landmines and Leadership Essentials, will provide you with a framework for how to manage staff, but more than that, a collection of practical actions you can use for building a staff that is efficient and effective in executing your church’s mission.

Some of what you can expect in this training

  • Instructions and insights for fun and effective staff meetings
  • Approaches for holding staff accountable and having difficult conversations
  • Insights for holding yourself, the leader, accountable for the overall health of the staff
  • Managing change and transitions
  • Coaching up staff members, especially if you were not the one who hired them
  • And so much more.

Pastors don’t enter ministry because they want to manage a staff. However, it is inevitable that in their ministry there will be staff that needs to be managed — and more than that, a staff that is being led on mission.

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Focused instruction to help pastors leader

Managing and directing a staff team is undeniably demanding. Staff management isn’t a mere “set it and forget it” endeavor. It’s an ongoing, dynamic process, and even the most seasoned pastors encounter challenges that can negatively impact team effectiveness, morale, and the church’s mission.

Communication issues, conflicting visions, unmet expectations, burnout, resource limitations, generational gaps… there are no shortage of obstacles to overcome… yet, all of these and so many more can be summarized into essential a short list of cautions.

There are 5 staffing landmines lead pastors can avoid and during our Church Staff Training Day we will identify each one and share strategies for navigating the minefield.

Avoid unnecessary conflict, energize your staff for the ongoing work, keep your team moving in the same direction, and invigorate everyone to continue to thrive in their roles.

This your invitation to equip yourself with more of the tools. you’ll need to lead with confidence, clarity, and compassion so you can faithfully and fruitfully follow God’s leading in your church and for your life.

Preview of Church Staff Success Training Day


“This has been so incredibly practical and helpful. The discussion about accountability was helpful, as were the insights about strengths and weaknesses. Thanks for making this available.” — Dave

“The landmines were insightful and I like that books were referenced as well. I also found in interesting about the difference kinds of meetings. Will be sharing all that was taught. Thanks so much!” — Rebecca

“Excellent. Full of meaningful content. Thank you for this resource. I took lots of notes re: ambiguity, meetings, and transition.” — Deek


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