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Written by Dave Shrein

The ABCs of Preaching

The Assumptions, Beliefs, and Convictions of Preaching

Preaching is an art that requires ongoing growth and refinement. No matter your history with preaching you bring certain assumptions, beliefs, and convictions about the art form into the pulpit every week — it’s probably a good idea to actually define them and write them down.

Having clearly defined ABCs of preaching will strengthen your unique voice and lead to improvement over time.

In this episode of Preaching Through Podcast Luke shares his list of assumptions, beliefs, and convictions.

  • Preaching is an essential tool for making disciples, for evangelizing and discipleship.
  • Preaching is the most significant tool for leading a local congregation.
  • Preaching is one of the main ways God disciples the preacher.
  • Most life change happens in the moment.
  • But a lot of life change happens over the long haul too.
  • People remember what the preacher emphasizes and gets excited about.
  • People want to be challenged which is both good and bad.
  • Gospel preaching feels more like news than advice.
  • Preaching improves with reps and feedback.
  • Most preaching is underwhelming.

If you are a preacher you should write down your own ABCs for self-reflection and to better articulate your own approach approach. Having core convictions will help you process your work and challenge yourself to grow in the areas that matter most.

Not only will your ABCs help you chart a trajectory for how you want to grow, but these core assumptions, beliefs, and convictions will help you filter whatever praise or criticism that comes your way. You may solicit feedback or commentary on your message — your ABCs will help you filter and respond to that evaluation. You may not ask for feedback but people are going to give it anyways. If the there is criticism that goes directly to the heart of a conviction, okay, maybe you want to take it more seriously. And the opposite is true — maybe the feedback doesn’t really fall in an area that is important to you, your ABCs can help you evaluate how seriously to take it.

In the end, intentionality is key. Having the conviction about how you show up in the preaching moment really matters. You’re going to preach out of what your actual convictions are. Examining your deep beliefs about preaching, writing them down, and revising them over time based on feedback, will strengthen your gifts and ensure you stay focused on growth in this life-giving craft.

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