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Preaching Through Weddings & Funerals, Preaching Through Podcast, Faithful & Fruitful

Written by Dave Shrein

Preaching Through Weddings & Funerals

There is a ‘right way’ to preach through a wedding and funeral… ‘get out of the way, its not about you.’ It’s true, no one is there to see you, yet, you have such an important part.

From storytelling, to sharing the Gospel, to ministering to the people involved, there is an opportunity to use the preaching moment to remind people of what’s important, why it matters, and how to respond. 

Receiving an invitation to celebrate or mourn with a family comes with opportunity and in this episode of Preaching Through Podcast we talk about some of the best practices that have made these opportunities rewarding, profitable for the Kingdom, and sweet (or bittersweet).

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