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Elder Team Church Documents

Resources to Help You Build A Strong and Effective Elder Team

Productive church leadership starts with having the right leaders in place — this collection of elder docs will help you identify and evaluate candidates who are biblically qualified and uniquely wired to lead.

Take the pain out of the administrative process and save hours creating your own resources from scratch.

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This bundle of elder team documents provides you with three unique questionnaires for elder candidates as well as an elaborate outline for the elder process and elder responsibilities.


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What You'll Find Inside

Starter documents that provide a basic framework for the elder team process from candidate evaluation to expectations of a church elder. This collection of church docs removes the need to start from scratch so you can focus on what’s most important.

Elder Team Processes

This document is designed to explain the practical functioning of our elder team. Specifically, it will discuss presuppositions that guide the overall structure and function of the elder team, the qualities and responsibilities of the elders, length of commit- ment to the elder team, some guiding principles for functioning as a team, the expectations for elder team meetings, and the process by which elders are established.

Testimony & Financial Questionnaire

This is the first formal step in the eldership process. This questionnaire is intentionally thorough and quite personal. It explores the candidates testimony and calling to eldership as well as family financial health.

Doctrine & Shepherding Questionnaire

This is the second formal step in an eldership process. It challenges candidates to explore their doctrinal understanding and convictions, how they would handle potential shepherding situations, and provide insight into their church vision abilities.

Confidential Personal Questionnaire

An additional personal questionnaire that is highly personal and very sensitive to help identify potentially unresolved issues from the past and present in order to protect both the candidate and the church.

Each of these documents is intended to be modified to suit your context, governing model, and doctrine. 

Your Shortcut to Structuring and Designing An Elder Process that Produces Healthy Leadership

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The Elder Team Church Documents Resource is available anytime… the savings is only available right now.

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