The Preacher's Pack, Mockup PDF Image

Tools for Pastors to Improve Their Preaching

The Preacher’s Resource Pack is a collection of three worksheets, each with exercises to help you improve the effectiveness of your preparation and the delivery of your sermon. 

Sermon Evaluation Form

A 14-point checklist with crucial questions you can use to assess your sermon’s effectiveness.

Stronger Language with Transitional Verbs & Key Nouns

Insights to move away from self-created language ruts and create more engaging and effective content in your preaching, writing, and overall communication.

Preaching Implication Grid

A framework to help you evaluate and process through the application and implication of your message.

Start the Process of Improvement Today

The Preacher’s Resource Pack is a great place to begin the process of growing as a preacher. Use these three resources to evaluate your preaching, evaluate your sermons, and elevate your language.

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