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How to Preach Handbook, PDF Mockup Image

How to Preach Handbook

Elevate Your Preparation and Reduce the Pressure of Preaching

The insights gained will help you achieve the practical skills needed to better prepare your sermons, elevate your preaching over time, and deliver meaningful and transformative messages.

What You'll Discover Inside

You’ll find a rich variety of strategies aimed at refining your preaching techniques. This book is a toolbox of practical skills and spiritual guidance designed to help you deliver more powerful, impactful, and transformative sermons.

Assumptions, Beliefs, and Convictions About Preaching

This is a kind of practical theology of preaching. It will explain where I’m coming from.

Preparing The Preacher

This section looks at how to deepen your well as a person who is walking closely with God, regardless of the text you’re preaching.

Understanding The Text

This section unpacks how to study a Bible passage in preparation for preaching it.

Understanding The Context

This section explores the need for a preacher to understand the audience who will be hearing the message.

Preparing The Sermon

This section walks step-by-step through my process of building a sermon.

Delivering The Sermon

This section delves into the mechanics of delivery—something that is too often overlooked.

After You Preach

This section provides encouragement and direction for processing and recovering from the preaching experience.

A Simple Book Designed to Help Pastors Experience the Joy of Preaching God's Transformative Word

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