I’m Luke Simmons, the Lead Pastor of Redemption Church Gateway, a growing multi-congregational church in Arizona.

This is my personal blog, dedicated to equipping ministry leaders to be more faithful and fruitful. I believe that the world needs more faithful and fruitful churches, ministries, leaders, pastors, church planters, and disciples.

I write occasionally on how to do ministry that develops more and better (i.e., more faithful) disciples. Some posts are more theological, while others are more practical. Hopefully all are helpful.

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Intended Audience

This blog is primarily for ministry leaders, whether volunteer or vocational. Many posts will be relevant to any disciples, though some will be particular to vocational, full-time pastors or church planters.

What’s Behind the Name “Faithful and Fruitful”?

I’m convinced that faithfulness always eventually leads to fruitfulness. I don’t buy the idea that they are separated. I want to help leaders be both. Read more about this in The Both Manifesto.

Discussion Welcome

I want my writing to launch a good discussion. I think everyone learns more when ideas can be processed, wrestled with, and pushed on. Please jump in and comment on the content here. If you agree, encourage me and say so. If you disagree, push back. If you’re not sure, share your thoughts or ask a question. Please do it respectfully and thoughtfully, as I do reserve the right to delete comments that I think “cross the line.”


I was born and raised in Denver, CO as an only child of two middle school teachers. I became a Christian at 17 years old through a neighbor who invested in me and read the Bible with me.

I am the Lead Pastor of Redemption Church Gateway, a church I planted in 2009. We started as Second Mile Church and did a missional merger in 2011 to become Redemption Church. At church, I focus on leading our team, preaching the gospel, and training leaders. I’m also part of the overall Leadership Team that directs Redemption. I also do some writing on our church blog.

I am married to a strong, steady, smart, and naturally beautiful woman, Molly. We have three daughters and one son and live in Queen Creek, AZ. We love to be outside, read, laugh, swim and play.

I have a B.S. in Speech Communication from the University of Illinois and a Master’s Degree from The Missional Training Center, Covenant Theological Seminary’s Phoenix-based campus.

I love sports, whether watching or playing. I played a lot of baseball up through college (for Cherry Creek HS, the Fighting IlliniAthletes in Action, and the Peninsula Oilers). These days I like working out and playing the occasional Pickleball game with my dad. Most Saturdays in the fall you can find Molly and I glued to the Big Ten Network and on Sundays you’ll find me rooting for God’s favorite team, the Denver Broncos.


Everything here is my personal opinion and nothing more. It is not approved by someone before appearing and it does not necessarily represent the views of any organization that I am affiliated with. I bear the full weight of responsibility for anything I write.

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