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Recruit & Keep Volunteers Training Day


This 60+ minute Training Day, Recruiting & Retaining Volunteers: Creating A Culture of Commitment, will provide you with a framework for recruiting and retaining outstanding volunteers. Church volunteers are essential to a thriving church, but it’s not as simple as standing on stage and asking people to volunteer.

Some of what you can expect in this training:

  • Deep Dive into Volunteer Dynamics
  • Actionable Strategies
  • Sustainable Practices

Having a church full of volunteers isn’t about free labor, it is about encouraging and equipping your congregation to do the work of the kingdom.

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You’re not just leading a congregation — you’re building a community. At the core of that community are church volunteers.

We know that serving is an important part of spiritual growth and a crucial aspect of a strong church. The struggle is motivating people to take a step toward serving and then to keep them engaged and committed over the long haul.

How would your ministry improve if you had twice as many volunteers?
How would your ministry improve if your volunteers were twice as good?

Recruit & Keep Volunteers is a Training Day designed specifically for pastors who want a repeatable framework for recruiting and retaining outstanding volunteers.

What we’ll cover during this Training Day:

  • Deep Dive into Volunteer Dynamics: Understand why serving is essential for the spiritual and numerical growth of a church, the top hindrances to new people serving, the best approach for training, and the mindset church leaders need to adopt to cultivate committed volunteers
  • Actionable Strategies: This isn’t theory, but proven practical steps that give pastors a roadmap for success.
  • Sustainable Practices: Nothing is more discouraging than doing a big volunteer push and then having to do it all over again a few months later. Learn the best practices for retaining the people you recruit.

Christians really do want to make a difference, and our job is to help them do it. In the process, they move from being simply an attender to becoming a dedicated volunteer. We’ll give you insights into recruiting and retaining volunteers who contribute to the mission and grow spiritually in the process.


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