The Preaching Lab

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Master the Art of Weekly Preaching for Sermons that Have Lasting Impact

The Preaching Lab Video Curriculum delivers insight and instruction to help you improve your ability to communicate God’s Word with effectiveness over the long haul while allowing you to go at your own pace.

Inside this preaching curriculum you will discover & learn:

  • Best Practices for Organizing Your Sermon
  • Frameworks for Proper Sermon Evaluation
  • How to effectively process praise or criticism
  • Rhythms for Sermon Series Preparation
  • Strategies for preaching the Gospel to non-believers
  • How to contextualize each sermon to your people
  • Insights for mastering non-verbal communication


The Preaching Lab Video Curriculum will elevate your preaching while allowing you to go at your own pace.

Inside this preaching curriculum:

  • Presuppositions & Convictions
    Develop your own set of ABCs for preaching — Assumptions, Beliefs, and Convictions — for intentional personal development and communication improvement, all so you can experience a thriving preaching ministry.
  • Preparation Rhythms & Routines
    Principles for how to read, interpret, and present the text to communicates core truth effectively to teens, adults, seniors, inner-city, suburb, or whatever audience God is gracious enough to give you.
  • Intros, Illustrations, & In-Between
    The art of transforming your messages from good to interesting so your people want to listen versus feeling they should listen.
  • Preaching the Gospel
    Disciplines for preaching the Gospel as good news — completely bypassing the perception of your people that you’re teaching “laws” or “ought to’s.”
  • Body Language & Changing Gears
    Uncover the bad habits that are accidentally and substantially undermining your message.
  • Shepherding Your Heart Through the Dangers of Preaching
    This is your framework for a thriving preaching ministry over decades — not sermon series.

You do not get what you expect. You get what you inspect and that’s exactly what happens during The Preaching Lab. This is a deep inspection of your routines, habits, study, and preaching.

The Preaching Lab is an invitation to become a better steward of the gift God has given you every single week — an audience. This is your opportunity to return the favor and preach a sermon that is faithful & fruitful.


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Original price was: $497.00.Current price is: $247.00.

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